IFCU Visa Family Card

Convenience. Security. Peace of mind.

What is the Family Card?

IFCU’s Visa Family Card is a unique payment solution that provides security and control for the whole family with one account. It lets you put parental controls in place – including customized spending limits for each family member. Best of all, the family card serves as a way to offer a card solution to dependents 16 years or older and as a way to manage family finances. It can:
1. Teach younger family members responsible credit habits before they’re out on their own.
2. Equip them with credit they can use for school or emergency situations.
3. Prepare them to establish their own line of credit – and at an earlier age.

How Does It Work?

I. Individual Spending Limits
With one shared credit line, the Primary cardholder (the parent or adult guardian who applies for the Family Card):
  1. Determines who in the family receives a card,
  2. Assigns a spending limit to each individual cardholder, and
  3. The interest rate is determined by the type of Primary Account (i.e your Visa Classic Credit Card rate).
II. Spending Limits Can Be Customized
  1. To meet the needs of each individual family member,
  2. To give dependents the purchasing power they need,
  3. To meet unexpected expenses or emergencies, and
  4. May be adjusted at any time.
III. Personal Account Numbers
Individual account numbers are issued for each card. If one card is lost or stolen, only that one card needs to be replaced - the rest of the family can continue using their cards without interruption.
IV. Comprehensive Monthly Statements
  1. The Primary Accountholder receives the monthly statement.
  2. All transactions are summarized on a single account statement.
  3. The statement shows the total minimum due for the entire Family Card, along with all charges, balances and minimum payment amounts broken down per each individual cardholder.

Kids' Club

Help your child(ren) learn more about financial responsiblity. Join IFCU's Kids' Club! Click here to learn more.

At IFCU, we offer unique programs designed for members with different levels of credit experience. Select the card that's right for you:
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