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Spend Your Money Wisely

Just because you have money doesn’t mean you have to spend it. There are several ways to manage your money wisely.

Create a
This will help you realize what expenses you need to spend your money on, along with what money you have leftover to spend on luxury items  (things you want, but don’t really need). Click here to learn more about budgeting.
Comparison Shop
Before you actually spend your money on something, check around (at various stores, web sites, etc.).  This will help you find the best deal (lowest cost & best value) for the item you are looking for.
Track Your Spending
After you purchase something (whether it be with a check or cash), write down what item you purchased and how much it cost.  A month after you purchase an item, especially small – low costing items, it can be hard to think back 30 days and remember exactly what you bought and how much it cost you.  Plus, if you track your spending well and receive a bill at the end of the month claiming something you think is false, you will have your records to rely on.
When you receive a $20 bill or check from a relative, it can be tempting to go out and spend it immediately.  However, if you save that $20 and wait until you earn more money – soon enough that money you save will add up and then you will be able to buy something really cool that you have always wantedClick here to learn more about saving.

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