Life Stages

Wherever you may be in life – on the road to college, ready to start a family or planning for retirement – IFCU can help you take the necessary steps to achieve your goals and maybe even your dreams. 

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Ages 5-10
Middle School Age |Top of Page|
  • Coin Collecting All you need to know to get started with this hobby.
  • The Mint Cool information on saving, spending and earning money.
  • The official kids portal for the US Government.
  • Sense & Dollars Find out how much you know about money with this fun interactive site.
High School and College |Top of Page|
  • Consumer Jungle Tons of great tips on being a savvy consumer.
  • Brass Magazine A magazine written by and for Gen Y covering how money affects our lives.
Multiple Ages |Top of Page|
College-Bound Students |Top of Page|
Graduating from College |Top of Page|
Graduating from college is the launching pad for your financial future. Whatever you decide to do in your professional life, you'll need to learn one of life's most important lessons - taking control of your finances. As you begin to budget your hard-earned money, we can guide you to the products and services you may need to establish a solid credit rating, and get you on the right financial path for your future.
  First things first:
Once you have yourself established in a job and start accumulating savings, there are probably other considerations for your financial future:
Buying a Vehicle |Top of Page|
Remember Drivers Ed? You logged some hours in the classroom before you hit the road, right? The preparation process behind buying a car should be no different. If you do a little homework before you dive behind the wheel for a test drive, you'll narrow your options to cars you love and can afford, along with the low auto loan rates from IFCU you deserve.
Purchasing a New Home |Top of Page|
The process of buying a home can go a lot smoother with solid, professional guidance. IFCU is here to help you every step of the way. We can help you figure out the details of buying a home and help you get the flexible, affordable home loan that best suits your needs.

>> IFCU's Online Mortgage Center

As Your Family Grows |Top of Page|
Getting married or having/adopting children means you will also need to consider the expanded financial responsibilities that go along with it. IFCU is here to guide you to the right financial products and services as your family grows. From teaching your child(ren) responsible money management skills with IFCU's Kids' Club or providing your family with financial stability through low-rate loans and high-earning savings products.

Renovating Your Home |Top of Page|
There's no place like home. Now that you've been in your house for a few years, you've had some time to think about it and find you may need more room than you thought. Whatever your home remodeling needs are, IFCU can help you figure out the best way to finance these expenses.
  Here are some options to consider:
  • With a Home Equity Loan - you get all of the money at once and pay it back in consistent, fixed monthly payments.
  • Our Home Equity Line of Credit allows you to get the money you need when you need it.
  • Refinancing your mortgage is an option if interest rates are on your side - then you can roll in the extra money needed for your renovation project.
Life's Unexpected Expenses |Top of Page|
There are many events in life that can have a major impact on our finances and the first step toward being prepared for an unexpected emergency is planning. Don't know where to begin? Let us help. Our member service representatives can review all of the financing options with you, and guide you to the product that best meets your needs.
  Here are some ideas to think about:
Legal & Tax Issues: (The articles listed below are for informative purposes only. Please ask your legal & tax advisors for complete details concerning any legal or tax issues.)
Living Comfortably in Retirement |Top of Page|
Retirement should be a time when you can relax and enjoy yourself after years of work -- a time for living in plaid golf pants, teaching your pooch a new trick every afternoon, or working on one jigsaw puzzle after another. That's the dream. Unfortunately, the reality can be very different for anyone who fails to save. Without enough of a nest egg, you could find yourself saying "hello" to a bunch of new coworkers. Worse yet, you could spend your retirement worrying about money.