Protection & Peace of Mind.

Payment Protection: Credit Life & Disability Insurance

It's not something we like to think about, but disability and death are always potential events in our lives.  Your loved ones have enough to worry about in either of those situations without having to be concerned with making loan payments. Payment Protection helps provide members with financial protection and peace of mind. 

Credit Life Insurance:
In the event of death, the loan will be paid in full.  Joint or single Credit Life Insurance is also available.

Credit Disability Insurance: If you are off work due to medical reasons for more than 14 days, this will pay your payments until you return back to work.

  • It’s convenient.  The cost of coverage can be included in the monthly loan payment.
  • Helps pay insured monthly benefits at a time when income may be reduced and expenses are higher.
  • Pays benefits even when other insurance is in force.
  • Helps reduce financial risk.
  • Helps to provide peace of mind for members and their families.

*Please consult with an IFCU representative to learn more about the specific terms involved with IFCU's Payment Protection services as certain fees and conditions may apply.