Protection & Peace of Mind.

Overdraft Privilege (ODP)*. Under the radar.

We know it happens sometimes. You make an error on your checking account balance or your spouse forgets to record an ATM transaction. Whatever the reason, you have an inadvertent overdraft. Ease your mind (while avoiding extra fees) with Overdraft Privilege (ODP).

With ODP, you can avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of a returned check, as well as the fees normally charged to you by a merchant for checks returned to them. This service is offered as an additional benefit of doing business with IFCU.

How Does ODP Work?

When you write a check that takes your account negative, we may pay the check on your behalf up to the ODP limit. You then deposit the funds to cover the amount of the overdraft plus the ODP per item fee. ODP eliminates the cost and hassle of having checks returned to merchants.

If you would like this service added to your account or if you would like more information about ODP, contact your nearest IFCU Branch. Please note that ODP is not a loan or line of credit. It is a discretionary service offered by IFCU.

Please consult with an IFCU representative to learn more about the specific terms involved with IFCU's Overdraft Privilege services as certain fees and conditions may apply.

    *Overdraft Privilege (ODP) is a courtesy service. Except as otherwise agreed in writing, we, by covering one or any overdraft, do not agree to cover overdrafts in the future and may discontinue covering overdrafts at any time without notice. A fee of $22 per item is charged when this service is used, however, if the service is not used there is no fee. If we pay a draft or impose a fee that would otherwise overdraw your account, you agree to pay the overdrawn amount immediately. For more information, please refer to section 13 "Overdrafts", of IFCU's Membership & Account Agreement Disclosures brochure or call (765) 771-8000.