Online Banking

Pay your bills from anywhere!

Online Bill Pay

Save time and money. You can pay anyone you want—from your mortgage payment, to your utility bill, to the babysitter. Online Bill Pay eliminates the need for checks, stamps and trips to the mailbox. Plus it’s free to IFCU members.

Online Bill Pay can also accept electronic bills from merchants that have set up this service. Participating merchants can electronically deliver your bill directly to your account. You have the option to automatically pay the bill or wait until you review it and then approve it for payment.

IFCU Online Banking Made Easy


  • Pay anyone in the U.S. from anywhere
  • Pay all of your bills from one site
  • Payments are safe, secure, and guaranteed
  • Make multiple payments
  • Schedule recurring payments

Please note: You will need to enter your account number exactly as it is printed on your IFCU checks (please note: this number may be slightly different than the number you usually use because it includes your check's last digit.
Members who have not used online bill pay for 60 days may have their service deactivated. Get in contact with an IFCU representative at one of our branches or call at 756-771-8000 for more information.

Enjoy the benefits of Online Bill Pay