Security Center

Stay safe, secure, and aware of security risks out there.

At IFCU we try our best to keep you informed and your finances safe. To protect your accounts:
Do not call a number provided in a phone call or an e-mail. Call the number on the back of your credit card or on a bank statement, or confirm their officially listed phone number on their web site.
Below is a list of scams/security measures that are good to be informed of. You can click the links to learn more about the potential risks and how to stay safe and secure.


Blocked Transactions - IFCU Debit Card 

Due to high fraud activity, IFCU has blocked transactions on DEBIT CARDS ONLY in the following states:  New York, Maryland, North Carolina, and California.  If you are traveling to any of these states, please let Card Services know your travel dates by calling 765-771-8000.  IFCU monitors accounts in these states on a weekly basis.

Warning!!! Counterfeit Cashier's Checks

IFCU has become aware that counterfeit IFCU cashier’s checks are being circulated across the United States for a fake secret shopper scheme or other similar types of fraud. If you suspect you may be in receipt of a suspicious IFCU cashier’s check, please contact us at the numbers listed on this website. For more information regarding protecting yourself against fraud, visit Federal Trade Commission's website here.


The Wendy’s Company updated its customers in a Press Release distributed on July 7, 2016 of malicious cyber activity at some Wendy’s® restaurants. Cards used at some affected restaurants may be compromised. Additional information about this compromise and the Wendy’s® restaurant locations affected by this malicious cyber activity can be found on their website at:

Industrial Federal Credit Union and Visa® are working closely together to catch any fraudulent behavior and protect your account. Review your monthly checking account statements to spot any unauthorized purchases or you can also monitor your account activity online. If you spot any unauthorized charges, please contact us immediately at 765-771-8000 or visit any IFCU Branch.

Skimming Devices

IFCU has received notification of increases in alleged skimming fraud at local gas stations. IFCU would like to remind residents to pay extra attention when using their credit card at the pump.

Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. The safest way to pay is by going inside the gas station.
  2. Look at the exterior of the pump before inserting your card. Contact the cashier immediately if anything looks out of the ordinary. Some gas pumps will have a seal.
  3. Pay attention to your surroundings. Immediately report suspicious activity by calling 911. It appears the criminals may be sitting in a car nearby using a Bluetooth device to receive the information. If you see a person that appears to be just parked in the area please report it.
  4. Monitor your credit/debit card accounts to ensure there are no unauthorized purchases.
  5. As always, if you SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!