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At IFCU, we like to keep our members informed. Click the links below to view and download our quartely newsletter or MarketPlace Ad.

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To Place a MarketPlace Ad Online:

E-mail Us

*Never E-mail your account numbers, PIN or social security number. E-mail is NOT SECURE. Use our home banking product to send us secure information. If you can't access our home banking site, call us, fax us or send us an E-mail with your name and phone number only. Contact us immediately if you ever suspect fraud, or receive suspicious E-mails or phone calls about your Credit Union accounts.

In the e-mail, write your ad. Please limit ads to 15 words or less. Be sure to include your phone number for people to contact you about your item(s) for sale. Your ad will run in the Market Place for 2 weeks. If you want your ad to run after the 2 week period ends, please resubmit your email request or new form. Please specify if you would like your ad run in Spanish as well, otherwise it will only appear in English. IFCU reserves the right to review the content of every ad submitted to IFCU and to refuse publication of any ad that IFCU, in its sole discretion, deems inappropriate. We will not advertise for services that directly compete with an IFCU product/service or one that is offered through companies offering services through contractual agreements with IFCU.

Please note that although IFCU strives to ensure that all content published in the Market Place newsletter is accurate, occasional errors, omissions, typos or misprints may occur. IFCU expressly disclaims any liability for damages caused by such occasional errors, omissions, typos or misprints. All such errors brought to the attention of IFCU will be corrected by reprinting the corrected ad in the “Corrections” section of the Market Place newsletter published subsequent to IFCU’s receipt of notification, regarding the error.

Once you have placed your ad, be prepared to receive phone calls and answer questions in the language in which you placed the ad.