For Christmas, birthdays, weddings, thank you’s, last minute gifts, corporate gifts—anything! Whatever the occasion, you'll never have to worry about buying a gift again when you send an IFCU Visa Gift Card.

Have you received an IFCU Visa Gift Card?

The Gift Card Manager Site is temporarily unavailable for improvements. During this time, you can independently manage Gift Cards through the Gift Program Automated IVR .

  • Register your Visa Gift Card by calling 866-902-6082
  • Press 0 to opt out to a Live Agent.

Click here to read IFCU's Visa Gift Card Terms and Conditions.


Why IFCU’s Visa Gift Card is the perfect gift:

  1. It's a Non-Reloadable Stored—Value Card, so the spending amount is limited to what you put on the card—anywhere from $20 up to $500*.
  2. IFCU's Visa Gift Cards can be used at millions of locations—virtually anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted!
  3. Plus—because it’s from Visa, it offers all the protection you’ve come to expect from the brand you trust.
  4. Your family member or friend can use the gift card to purchase what they ACTUALLY want or need.

Visa Gift Cards are available for purchase at any IFCU Branch. If you have any questions about the IFCU Visa Gift Cards, please call our Visa Department at (765) 771-8000.

*IFCU Visa Gift Cards can be loaded with as little as $20 and up to a maximum of $500. A gift card carries a one-time service fee of $5 to purchase. There will be a $2.50 inactivity fee charged for each inactive month beginning on the 13th month of no activity.