Audio Teller — your automated telephone teller!

At Industrial Federal Credit Union, our members are our top priority. Although we close our doors each night, our reliable phone banking services are always available. Audio Teller, our personalized member support system, provides you with an easy and secure method of banking by phone. No matter where you are, Audio Teller has you covered.

The benefits of banking by phone

Inclement weather, hectic schedules and busy roads sometimes make travel difficult. Why not skip the headache and reach for the phone instead? Phone banking services give our members the ability to conduct business with ease. We love face to face interaction but understand the need for straightforward solutions. 24 hour access gives our members comprehensive control of your accounts. Here at Industrial Federal Credit Union, we always work for you.

Getting started

Unsure how to use phone banking? No problem! To access Audio Teller, dial one of the numbers listed below, and listen to the prompts. Make sure you have your member account number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) handy. First-time users have nothing to fear. Simple instructions let members set up their Audio Teller account access in minutes.

To use Audio Teller, simply call one of the following phone numbers:

  • Lafayette: 765-771-8000 Option 3
  • Toll Free: 888-564-4328 Option 3

First-time users of Audio Teller instructions:

  • Call in using the phone numbers listed above. The system will ask the following:
  • Account Number
  • Full Social Security Number (for verification)
  • Select a 4-digit PIN
  • Enter 4-digit PIN a second time for confirmation
  • Enter Account Number and new PIN

Use this audio response flow chart to help you navigate Audio Teller

Audio Teller Response Flow Chart

Audio Teller features

  • Check your account balances
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • Obtain account history
  • Hear what checks have cleared
  • Total your YTD current interest and dividends
  • And much more