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Give Your Payment History A Lift


By: Chris O' Shea



How to improve your payment history

Your payment history is the biggest factor in compiling your credit score. So it makes sense to try to do everything you can to keep that history pristine. Here are some ways to either improve your credit payment history or keep it as perfect as possible.

Pay on Time

This sounds obvious, but the easiest way to boost your payment history is to pay your bills on time, every single time. If you need to set reminders, do so. If you have the option, set up autopay. That way there’s no way you can forget. Use IFCU's FREE Online Bill Pay to set your payments on autopilot. Never forget a payment again!

Dispute Errors

Make a habit of checking your credit report. If there are inaccuracies, correct them immediately. Perhaps an on-time payment was marked as late. That can have a big impact on your score. Don’t let those mistakes linger. Did you know that you can view your credit score and full credit report for FREE inside IFCU's Online and Mobile Banking? You can even file disputes directly inside of Credit Score. 

Set a Schedule

Another way to improve your payment history is to make on-time payments a habit. One way to do that is to have one day per month be your “bill day.” Every time that day rolls around, you make it a habit to sit down and pay all your monthly bills.

Make a Call

If you’re struggling to make payments, contact the company and see if there are any discounts and deals to be had. Most companies will be willing to work with you, as it raises the chances of them getting their money. A boost in your payment history could be just a phone call away.