Share Certificate Accounts

Share Certificate Accounts

Savings 101: What is a Share Certificate?

With so many financial products available, choosing which type of account to open can be just as stressful as deciding where to open one. For consumers looking for earnings on their savings, one of the options that credit unions offer is share certificates. Here’s a brief overview of how share certificates.


Share certificates are a type of credit union savings vehicle similar to the certificates of deposit, or CDs, offered at banks. They usually offer higher yields than regular savings accounts; in exchange, you leave your money in the account for a specified amount of time, ranging typically from three months to five years. Longer lengths tend to have better rates than shorter ones. If you withdraw your money too early, you can be charged a penalty.

In addition, money put into one of these accounts are federally insured. Share certificates and other accounts are insured for up to $250,000 through the National Credit Union Administration, or NCUA.


The dividends, or earnings, you can make on a share certificate are typically quoted in terms of the annual percentage yield, or APY. This rate takes into account the compounding period, which is the frequency with which returns are added to the account. Credit unions can choose to compound rates on a yearly, quarterly, monthly or even daily basis.

Guaranteed or fixed rate of return

There are no unknowns when you invest in a share certificate. You pick the deposit amount, the term and the rate. As long as you don't withdraw the funds, you'll be able to calculate your dividends upon maturity at the onset of your investment.

Rates effective May 1, 2021

TermDividend RateAPY*
3 Months0.15%0.15%
3 Months ($250K +)0.75%0.75%
6 Months0.35%0.35%
12 MONTHS SPECIAL0.70%0.70%
18 Months0.45%0.45%
24 Months0.50%0.50%
30 Months0.60%0.60%
36 Months0.70%0.70%
48 Months0.80%0.80%
60 Months1.00%1.00%
* Annual Percentage Yield (APY); based on a $1,000 example and assumes dividends remain in account until maturity.

† $500 minimum balance required. Your Term Share Certificate account will automatically renew for a term equal to the original at the prevailing rate at the time of renewal. The dividend rate for all Term Share Certificates is fixed for the term of the account. Dividends are compounded and paid quarterly. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal. For additional disclosures, see the  “Membership and Account  Agreement and Disclosures” brochure.  Please call (765) 771-8000 for more information.


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